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Cover for Little Red Riding Hood
Isbn: 978-87-2666-803-2
Publisher: Saga Egmont

Accessible since: February 2021


Little Red Riding Hood

Have you heard of Little Red Riding Hood? Then you most certainly know that she was a little girl who headed out to bring food and wine to her poor grandmother. But the Red Riding Hood met a wolf. He seemed harmless so she did not fear. But then he tricked her into telling him where she was headed. And he ran as fast as he could to get to the Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother first. But did he eat her? Did he hide her? What did he do with the poor Riding Hood when she arrived? You can find the answers in Charles Perrault’s "Little Red Riding Hood".

Charles Perrault (1628-1703) was a French author. He is known for being a pioneer of the fairy tale genre, deriving his stories from traditional folk tales. His most famous stories include "Puss in Boots", "Little Red Riding Hood", "Sleeping Beauty", and "Cinderella". His stories have been adapted to stage and screen countless times, most notably by Disney with classic animated films like "Sleeping Beauty" and "Cinderella". His story "Puss in Boots" was the basis for the character from the animated films 'Shrek 2' and "Puss in Boots".

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