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Audiobooks / Children's books with pictures

Cover for I'm the Colour of Honey

I'm the Colour of Honey

Is that your teacher? Is that your Aunty? Amanda is fed up with these questions and wishes that she looked just like her Mummy and Daddy. But maybe they are more alike than she rea ...

Cover for The Trouble with Trouble

The Trouble with Trouble

Trouble is the naughtiest dog in the whole village, but Trouble’s missing! Will you help Abhi look for her?The Trouble with Trouble is written by Menaka Raman. © Pratham Books , 20 ...

Cover for The Power of One

The Power of One

The children of Class 6 want to visit the amusement park, but will they be able to save enough money for the tickets? Follow the children of Primary 6 through their summer holidays ...

Cover for Journey by train over sea

Journey by train over sea

A short story about a little girl who is excited about travelling on a bridge over the sea.Journey by train over sea, written by Vandana Rao, Illustrated by Preeti Krishnamurthy an ...

Cover for Singing in the Rain

Singing in the Rain

Sukhiya Kaka from Bituana was a famous singer. This is the story about the day he met Dinoo the dinosaur, who turned out to be his biggest fan. Find out what escapades these two ge ...

Cover for We Love Our Home

We Love Our Home

Look high and low and you will find animals and birds making their homes around you, but do these high and low worlds ever meet? Find out in this story about the habitats they live ...

Cover for Too Many Bananas

Too Many Bananas

Sringeri Srinivas grows sweet bananas on his farm, and yet, no one wants to buy them. Find out what he did with them in this cute story from India.'Too Many Bananas' (English), wri ...

Cover for Wailers Three

Wailers Three

Mrs. Chang gets a letter from her son one day. She asks Warrior Wen to read it out to her. One look at the letter and Warrior Wen bursts into tears. Very soon, Mrs.Chang starts baw ...

Cover for The Man who Thought he was Smarter than his Wife

The Man who Thought he was Smarter than his Wife

Long long ago, there lived in Norway a grumpy, grouchy farmer called Gloomy Gus. Gloomy Gus was not just a grouch---he was arrogant too, and believed he was smarter than everybody ...

Cover for Why do Bees Buzz?

Why do Bees Buzz?

Why can't bees work quietly? Is there a reason for the bees to buzz so noisily? Learn about the work of the humble bee in this book.'Why Do Bees Buzz?' is written by Nabanita Deshm ...

Cover for Up World, Down World

Up World, Down World

In a canopy forest in India, the Up World and Down World have always been suspicious of each other. But it all changes when Gopa the dormouse drops her book by accident on Fatima’s ...

Cover for Ammachi's Amazing Machines

Ammachi's Amazing Machines

Sooraj and his grandma LOVE inventing! Join them on their latest adventure: using simple machines to make coconut barfi!'Ammachi's Amazing Machines' is written by Rajiv Eipe . © Pr ...

Cover for My City, My Dogs

My City, My Dogs

The roads are their playground and they have made the city and the people their own. Follow the lives of some of Mumbai's street dogs in this short book where street dogs like Capt ...

Cover for Who Drives the Driverless Car?

Who Drives the Driverless Car?

Story time! Paati is here for the summer and Suvi wants to make the most of it. As her grandma starts describing the Pushpaka Vimana, Suvi wonders if it’s like a driverless car, wh ...

Cover for The Night the Moon Went Missing

The Night the Moon Went Missing

When the moon doesn’t rise from the sea one night, it is up to Maisha and her friend Uchli the flying fish to find her. But how can they look for the moon without any light?'The Ni ...

Cover for Rainbow Sambhar

Rainbow Sambhar

What should Bhavya and Paati eat today? Bhavya's favorite dish, of course – rainbow sambar! Join Paati and Bhavya for some colourful and delicious lunchtime fun.'Rainbow Sambar' ha ...

Cover for Marching to Freedom

Marching to Freedom

Mahatma Gandhi and his followers have decided to march to Dandi to protest against the unfair salt tax imposed by the British. 9-year-old Dhani who lives at the Sabarmati Ashram wa ...

Cover for The Kite

The Kite

Somewhere in a village in India, a kite fight is about to end. the purple kite is defeated and the red kite is the victor, but what's this? The chord has snapped and the kite is no ...

Cover for See You Tomorrow

See You Tomorrow

Have you ever said, "See you tomorrow!" and actually meant it? The boy in this story has many friends, who all take him at his word! A funny story about a small boy who has many an ...

Cover for Who is Our Friend

Who is Our Friend

Rhino, Crocodile, Giraffe and Zebra all live together in Africa. They also share a common best friend? Can you guess who it is? Learn about the natural world and the most unlikelie ...

Cover for Best Foot Forward

Best Foot Forward

Mr. Centipede wears 21 pairs of boots on his morning walk. But with so many legs to choose from, how does he know which foot to use first? Join Mr. Centipede and his garden friends ...

Cover for The Magic Mango

The Magic Mango

One day, Tara and Arun discover an old newspaper in their grandmother's attic. They open it and embark on a historical adventure about a magic mango seed and a little boy who tried ...

Cover for The Chocolate Cake

The Chocolate Cake

A story about Minu and her Aai's yummy chocolate cake. The story will help children learn about numbers and how to count.'The Chocolate Cake' (English), written by Sanjana Mitbande ...

Cover for A Cup of Cha

A Cup of Cha

Cha wallahs are a common site in India. When Meera's dad smells the sweet aroma of tea coming from the Cha wallah, he can't resist. Meera learns a lot about tea and the science beh ...

Cover for I Want to be a Police Officer

I Want to be a Police Officer

Policemen need many skills to keep them ready and on their toes for their difficult job! Read this story to hear about the many lessons cadets need to learn about policing and life ...