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The library informs: Om du bara lånar böcker digitalt behöver du göra ett fysiskt lån ibland, annars kommer ditt lånekonto att tas bort efter två år. Om du inte har möjlighet att besöka biblioteket kan du kontakta oss för hjälp.

E-books / Historic facsimile

Cover for Tur


Efter 61 dagar till sjöss glider ett fartyg sakta in mot Oceanens Pärla. Den tropiska ön har ett gott rykte om sig. Sockerodlingarna håller högsta kvalitet och invånarna tar sitt l ...

Cover for The Beetle

The Beetle

‘The Beetle’ is Richard Marsh's most famous work, initially outselling ‘Dracula’ by Bram Stoker. Narrated from four different perspectives, it focuses on a monstrous creature from ...

Cover for The Avenger

The Avenger

It is the golden age of the silent movie. But when the heads of corpses start piling up without an explanation, the film industry’s charm wavers. And when Francis Elmer disappears ...

Cover for The Story of the Duchess of Cicogne and of Monsieur de Boulingrin

The Story of the Duchess of Cicogne and of Monsieur de Boulingrin

In ‘The Story of the Duchess of Cicogne and of Monsieur de Boulingrin’ (1920), Anatole France presents a fantastic reimagining of the classic fairy-tale ‘Sleeping Beauty’. However, ...

Cover for The Queen Pedauque

The Queen Pedauque

Jacques Menetrier, the son of a cookshop owner, finds his quiet life turned upside down when the wayward monk, Jerome Coignard, takes him under his tutelage. The pair soon find the ...

Cover for Oroonoko


‘Oronooko’ tells the story of a fictional African prince, who is duped into slavery and sent to Surinam, a British colony in South America. There, with his beloved Imoinda also ens ...

Cover for The Beautifull Cassandra and Other Stories

The Beautifull Cassandra and Other Stories

‘The Beautiful Cassandra and Other Stories’ (1793) was written by the renowned English novelist Jane Austen, best-known for her novels ‘Sense and Sensibility’ (1811) and ‘Pride and ...

Cover for Bones


Set in Nigeria, at the time of the British Empire, ‘Bones’ introduces us to the hapless hero of the piece. The beloved Commissioner Sanders has struck up an uneasy truce with Bosam ...

Cover for Diana of Kara-Kara

Diana of Kara-Kara

America, Australia, and London all feature in this globetrotting tale of love, deception, and psychic abilities. Diana Ford is as headstrong as they come and knows how to shoot a g ...

Cover for Bertram Cope's Year

Bertram Cope's Year

One of the earliest published works to explore the subject of homosexuality, ‘Bertram Cope's Year’ became the first of many books to later touch on homosexuality, such as ‘Brokebac ...

Cover for The Lost Inheritance

The Lost Inheritance

From the author of the science fiction classic, 'The War of the Worlds', H.G. Wells' 'The Lost Inheritance' is a supernatural, suspense novella. In this short story, a young man's ...

Cover for Josiah Allen on the Woman Question

Josiah Allen on the Woman Question

‘Josiah Allen on the Woman Question’ (1914) was written by best-selling American writer and humourist Marietta Holley and is a short story featuring her well-known characters, Sama ...

Cover for The Story of an African Farm

The Story of an African Farm

‘The Story of an African Farm’ (1883) was written by South African writer and intellectual, Olive Schreiner. Originally published under the pseudonym Ralph Iron, the book was a bes ...

Cover for Chip Of the Flying U

Chip Of the Flying U

Set in Montana, ‘Chip of the Flying U’ introduces us to the eponymous cowboy and the Happy family. Chip is awkward around women, but when he meets the gun-toting Dr Della Whitmore, ...

Cover for Benigna Machiavelli

Benigna Machiavelli

A fictional autobiography of an 18-year-old who attempts to overcome hardship by way of her intellect and strong-mindedness, ‘Benigna Machiavelli’ tells the story of her brave batt ...

Cover for Cousin Phillis

Cousin Phillis

When 19-year-old Paul Manning moves to the countryside, his cousin Phillis is thrown into turmoil and insecurity as she falls for the charms of Paul’s sophisticated friend. Paul is ...

Cover for Sylvia's Lovers

Sylvia's Lovers

‘Sylvia's Lovers’ is a novel by English novelist and short story writer Elizabeth Gaskell, best-known for her novels ´North and South’, ‘Mary Barton’, and ‘Cranford’.Set in the 179 ...

Cover for The Oblong Box

The Oblong Box

When the narrator boards the ship 'Independence' for a summer trip from Charleston to New York City, the days ahead look idyllic. His old college friend Cornelius Wyatt is also abo ...

Cover for The Shadow Line

The Shadow Line

There is a reason why the sea is so often chosen for the setting of psychological thrillers - there is nowhere to escape to.Joseph Conrad returned to the ocean waves for 'The Shado ...

Cover for The Blockade Runners

The Blockade Runners

Combining romance and adventure, ‘The Blockade Runners’ is set in both Scotland and the south of America, as the American Civil War looks to become a reality. Scottish entrepreneur ...

Cover for Facing the Flag

Facing the Flag

‘Facing the Flag’ is one of the stories that cemented Verne’s reputation as one of the pioneers of science-fiction. It centres around a brilliant scientist, Thomas Roch, who has in ...

Cover for The Survivors of the Chancellor

The Survivors of the Chancellor

‘The Survivors of the Chancellor’ is a tale of shipwreck, betrayal, and intrigue. Written as journal entries from the perspective of passenger, JR Kazallon, the story starts innoce ...

Cover for The Commission in Lunacy

The Commission in Lunacy

Judges receive legal training, but they cannot automatically be given courage and the wisdom of Solomon.That is what is needed when larger-than-life socialite the Marquise d'Espard ...

Cover for The Exiles

The Exiles

Superstition, sorcery, dark strangers, and a great poet in disguise, Honoré de Balzac takes a new turn in 'The Exiles'.Set in 14th century Paris, this novella sees sergeant Tirecha ...

Cover for Juana


An Italian and Spanish love triangle with Napoleon's army on the march as the backdrop, 'Juana' is an all-action story about two morally corrupt Italian soldiers in the French army ...