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The library informs: Om du bara lånar böcker digitalt behöver du göra ett fysiskt lån ibland, annars kommer ditt lånekonto att tas bort efter två år. Om du inte har möjlighet att besöka biblioteket kan du kontakta oss för hjälp.

E-books / Historic facsimile

Cover for Twenty-six Men and a Girl

Twenty-six Men and a Girl

In a hypnotizingly crazy daily routine, twenty-six men are locked in the production of kringles (a typical Scandinavian pastry) in a basement kitchen. Their only real connection wi ...

Cover for The Blind Musician

The Blind Musician

The Blind Musician follows the lives of a young girl, a boy, and a professional musician. All of whom are blind. Korolenko paints a moving, sympathetic and careful psychological po ...

Cover for Private Selby 

Private Selby 

Prophetic and chilling at once, Edgar Wallace’s alternate history crime novel "Private Selby" deals with the author’s fear of a potential German invasion of Britain shortly before ...

Cover for Jack O'Judgment 

Jack O'Judgment 

"Jack O’Judgment" is a classic thriller novel by the inimitable Edgar Wallace. The memorable crime story revolves around a masked vigilante, who wreaks havoc among a successful gan ...

Cover for Captains of Souls 

Captains of Souls 

"Captains of Souls" is an atypical piece of detective crime fiction work from Edgar Wallace, one of the most prolific British writers of the 20th century. Centring around Ambrose S ...

Cover for A Debt Discharged 

A Debt Discharged 

"A Debt Discharged" is a gripping thriller novel about gangs and forgery by the acclaimed British author Edgar Wallace. The gifted Thomas Maple and his niece Verity live together o ...

Cover for Mayflower


When Tona’s husband dies at sea she is left alone to fend for both herself and her sons. She opens a tavern and attempts to live a normal life, even finding another handsome man to ...

Cover for The Mirror of the Sea

The Mirror of the Sea

'The Mirror of the Sea' (1906) is a collection of autobiographical essays first published in various magazines between 1904 and 1906.Joseph Conrad lived an exciting and eventful li ...

Cover for Amy Foster

Amy Foster

In this 1901 short story inspired by Ford Maddox Ford’s "The Cinque Ports", Conrad works on the theme of alienation. It centers on a young man, Yanko, the sole survivor of a shipwr ...

Cover for The Blind Brother

The Blind Brother

First published in 1887, ‘The Blind Brother’ was one of American author Homer Greene’s earliest works. The tale follows the story of two brothers, 14-year-old Tom Taylor and his bl ...

Cover for A Tale of the Tow-Path

A Tale of the Tow-Path

‘A Tale of the Tow-Path’ by American author Homer Greene, is a short story which follows the exploits of the young son of a farmer, Joe Gaston. Following a disagreement with his fa ...

Cover for In the Year of the Jubilee

In the Year of the Jubilee

The Jubilee marks the fiftieth year of the reign of Queen Victoria. Dickensian in its sweeping scope of London life, Gissing’s "In the Year of the Jubilee" (1834) depicts the hars ...

Cover for The Harvester

The Harvester

"The Harvester" is a gentle love story, made up of a fondness for nature, high moral ideals and an engaging plot. It is the story of young David Langston, who lives in the countrys ...

Cover for Moths of the Limberlost

Moths of the Limberlost

Gene Stratton-Porter was a naturalist and fierce conservationist as well as an author, and one of the areas she held dearest was the Limberlost swamp. Indeed, she spent her income ...

Cover for Laddie


"Laddie" is Gene Stratton-Porter’s most autobiographical novel, and is titled after her brother, who drowned as a teenager. It is the story of Pamela Pryor and Laddie Stranton. Whi ...

Cover for The Storm

The Storm

"The Storm" (1704) is a founding document of modern journalism. It tells of the events of November 1703, when a hurricane struck Britain. It is composed of verbatim eyewitness acco ...

Cover for The Headless Horseman

The Headless Horseman

Both Cassisus Calhoun and Maurice Gerald would love to marry Louise Poindexter. Louise, however, is preoccupied by the murder of her brother, and marriage is the last thing on her ...

Cover for The Duel

The Duel

A modern-day Hamlet, Laevsky enjoys blaming his issues on the corrupting influence of his time and civilization. Van Koren, on the other hand, believes strongly in the survival of ...

Cover for Anathema


"Anathema" is a tragedy by Leonid Andreyev in seven scenes, often labelled as his most atheist one. It follows the dispute between the devil (called Anathema) and God about the lim ...

Cover for O. Henryana

O. Henryana

Published posthumously in 1920, ‘O. Henryanya’ is a collection of short stories and poetry from much-loved American author William Sidney Porter, better known as ‘O. Henry’. This c ...

Cover for Sixes and Sevens

Sixes and Sevens

Published posthumously, William Sidney Porter’s ‘Sixes and Sevens’ is a collection of 25 short stories from the popular author. Some of the most famous works included are ‘Ulysses ...

Cover for The Two Women

The Two Women

First published in 1910, ‘The Two Women’ is a collection of two short stories from revered American author William Sidney Porter, better known by his pseudonym ‘O. Henry’. The two ...

Cover for Options


‘Options’ is a collection of 16 short stories from much-loved 20th century American author William Sidney Porter, better known as ‘O. Henry’. Stories from the collection include br ...

Cover for The Gentle Grafter 

The Gentle Grafter 

A short story collection from much loved American author William Sidney Porter, better known as ‘O. Henry’, ‘The Gentle Grafter’ is a wonderful array of some of his classic short s ...

Cover for Cabbages and Kings

Cabbages and Kings

‘Cabbages and Kings’ is one of renowned author William Sidney Porter’s most famous collections of short stories. Better known by his literary pseudonym ‘O. Henry’, the collection w ...