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E-books / Historic facsimile

Cover for Nam-Bok the Unveracious

Nam-Bok the Unveracious

The short story 'Nam-Bok the Unveracious' by Jack London maps the unbelievable story of Nam-Bok, who returns from the sea. Set in a remote fishing village with Native American inha ...

Cover for The Law of Life

The Law of Life

The short story 'The Law of Life' by Jack London is a study on the human psyche, as one faces the familiar cycle of life and death. Old Koskoosh, who is the father of his Native Am ...

Cover for In the Forests of the North

In the Forests of the North

In Jack London's short story 'In the Forests of the North,' two cultures clash with grave consequences. Explorers discover unmapped territory far in the North, where they encounter ...

Cover for The Teapot

The Teapot

The teapot was very proud of its spout because the cups had a handle and the sugar jar a lid, but the teapot had more than one handle and a lid and it was the only one to have a sp ...

Cover for The Goblin and the Woman

The Goblin and the Woman

In every peasant dwelling, lives a goblin, a small invisible creature, who plays all kinds of tricks on the inhabitants. At least, that is what the peasants believe, but one woman, ...

Cover for Children of the Frost

Children of the Frost

Yukon was not a place for only the gold miners – there were dozens of different indigenous tribes living in the area. ‘Children of the Frost’ is a short story collection by Jack Lo ...

Cover for The League of the Old Men

The League of the Old Men

In the short story 'The League of the Old Men' by Jack London, an old Native American man called Imber steps forth before the law and reveals that he has slayed numerous people. As ...

Cover for Li Wan, The Fair

Li Wan, The Fair

In Jack London's short story 'Li Wan, The Fair,' a woman called Li Wan is journeying a long trail with her husband, a commanding Native American named Canim. When they come across ...

Cover for The Death of Ligoun

The Death of Ligoun

'Blood for blood, rank for rank,' runs the code of the intense Thlinket people in Jack London's 'The Death of Ligoun.' A man recounts the tale of a mighty warrior called Ligoun and ...

Cover for Keesh, the Son of Keesh

Keesh, the Son of Keesh

'Keesh, the Son of Keesh' is a short story by Jack London on a love that requires sacrifices. Keesh, the chief of the Thlunget people, wants to trade goods for the hand of Su-Su, w ...

Cover for The Sickness of Lone Chief

The Sickness of Lone Chief

In 'The Sickness of Lone Chief' by Jack London, the once-mighty Lone Chief has fallen far from his glory days and describes the memorable events that made him rise to power long ag ...

Cover for The Sunlanders

The Sunlanders

The Mandell village in Jack London's short story 'The Sunlanders' is quite unlike any other village. It is remote, and because there are much more men than women, also polygamous. ...

Cover for The Master of Mystery

The Master of Mystery

Jack London's 'The Master of Mystery' is set in a Native American fishing village in Alaska. A woman has lost her most valuable possession: the blankets of a deceased Englishman. T ...

Cover for What the Whole Family Said

What the Whole Family Said

Today, is the birthday of little Marie, she is overwhelmed with gifts, each one more beautiful than the last: a toy kitchen, a doll, a picture book and more. But for Marie the best ...

Cover for The Gate Key

The Gate Key

The chamberlain had a special gate key: if you knew how to go about it, it would reply truthfully to any question it was asked! At least, that is what the chamberlain thought... Bu ...

Cover for The Flea and the Professor 

The Flea and the Professor 

The teacher’s father had died in a hot air ballooning accident: the balloon had exploded two minutes after he had parachuted his son to safety. The boy had to learn to survive alon ...

Cover for The Days of the Week

The Days of the Week

One day, the days of the week wanted to meet up to celebrate together. After finding a date to suit everyone (which was not easy, the days of the week are often busy!), they agreed ...

Cover for The Comet

The Comet

One day, a day not predicted by the calculations of the astronomers, a comet appeared in the sky, drawing the gaze of all below. And when, many years later, it appeared again, it r ...

Cover for The A-B-C Book

The A-B-C Book

One day, a man decides to create a new illustrated alphabet to help children learn the alphabet and how to read, but this greatly annoys the old illustrated alphabet! Was it not go ...

Cover for Peiter, Peter, and Peer

Peiter, Peter, and Peer

We all know that storks bring babies to their parents, what we often do not know is what happens to these children once they have arrived with their family. So, I asked a stork abo ...

Cover for On Judgment Day

On Judgment Day

The supreme day is the holiest day. It is when we are near death and we must face what we have done with our life. The noblest face it without fear, others tremble. However, when i ...

Cover for Great-Grandfather


My grandfather, who became a great-grandfather with the birth of the son of my brother, Frederik, was a profoundly good man. He loved us greatly and loved telling us stories. But, ...

Cover for Dance, Dance, Doll of Mine!

Dance, Dance, Doll of Mine!

Even though Aunt Malle thinks that the young student who has come to teach Amalie’s brothers does not know how to deal with children, Amalie gets on very well with him and understa ...

Cover for What Happened to the Thistle

What Happened to the Thistle

Apart from the milkmaid’s donkey, no one paid much attention to the mighty thistle that lived just behind the hedge, outside of the seigniorial garden. Until the day that a beautif ...

Cover for Chicken Grethe's Family

Chicken Grethe's Family

At a place where there was once a mighty knight’s castle, today stands a small house, built for chickens and ducks. Poultry Meg was the only person who lived there, and only the ol ...