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E-books / Romance

Cover for The Man of Property

The Man of Property

Soames Forsyte, a rapacious and materialistic man by nature – and his most prized possession is his wife, Irene. But as sparks fly upon her meeting with indigent architect Philip B ...

Cover for To Let

To Let

Star-crossed lovers Jon and Fleur fall head over heels for each other, but are forced to separate by their parents who share troubling history. Can their love finally defeat the Fo ...

Cover for The Castle of Otranto

The Castle of Otranto

Medievalism, terror, and the ubiquitous haunted castle are staples of the Gothic horror genre. But the man who unwittingly inspired the likes of ´Frankenstein´, ´Dracula´, Hammer h ...

Cover for The Fruit of the Tree

The Fruit of the Tree

Considered wildly controversial at the time of its release, ‘The Fruit of the Tree’ is a departure from the norm for Edith Wharton. While her trademark eye for social detail and ps ...

Cover for The Greater Inclination

The Greater Inclination

The earliest collection of short stories from Edith Wharton, ‘The Greater Inclination’ documents the beginning of an outstanding literary career. The book contains seven short stor ...

Cover for Life And Death of Harriett Frean

Life And Death of Harriett Frean

May Sinclair’s ‘Life And Death of Harriett Frean’ tells the story of the titular character, Harriett, who has been raised as the embodiment of the perfect Victorian woman; loving, ...

Cover for El amor de Michael

El amor de Michael

Michael está locamente enamorado de Louisa, una mujer algo mayor que él, divorciada y con dos hijas de un matrimonio previo. Mantienen una relación secreta llena de pasión. Ambos t ...

Cover for Kärleken har arvsrätt

Kärleken har arvsrätt

Arvid har under hela sin uppväxt fått flytta med sin far till nya platser, när han sagt: "Nu har ryktet nått oss". När en gård på slätten annonserar efter arbetskraft, bryter sig A ...

Cover for Rosor i blom

Rosor i blom

Rose återvänder hem tillsammans med sin farbror Alec och sin väninna Phebe, efter flera år utomlands. Roses familj önskar att hon ska gifta sig, en önskan som Rose inte ämnar uppfy ...

Cover for Salomé


Based on a story from the Bible, ‘Salomé’ provoked such outrage that it was banned from the British stage for a number of years. However, fiercely defended by academics for its lit ...

Cover for With Fire and Sword

With Fire and Sword

This Polish 'Gone with the Wind’ is set in 17th century Poland during the Cossack-Polish War as the Kingdom of Poland struggles to maintain unity. It is a historical epic, in the s ...

Cover for The Return of the Native

The Return of the Native

Eustacia Vye despises her boring country village of Egdon Heath. Beautiful, headstrong, and passionate, Eustacia longs to escape her home and lead a life of romance and adventure. ...

Cover for Isobel


Sergeant Billy MacVeigh and his partner Pelliter are tasked to defend the outpost of Point Fullerton. They are all alone in the Canadian Northwest, hundreds of miles from civilisat ...

Cover for The Gold Hunters

The Gold Hunters

A sequel ‘The Wolf Hunters’, ‘The Gold Hunters’ re-joins Wabigoon and Mukoki as they chase down their friend Roderick, who is on his way home following their previous adventures. R ...

Cover for The Golden Snare

The Golden Snare

Philip Raine is a Royal Canadian police officer, who is on the trail of a ruthless and wild murderer named Bram Johnson. The elusive Johnson roams through the frozen wilderness of ...

Cover for The Valley of Silent Men

The Valley of Silent Men

While Jim Kent lies in his bed, thinking that he is dying from a fatal serious disease, he confesses to having committed a murder but he also falls head over heels in love with Mar ...

Cover for Knights of the Range

Knights of the Range

Young and impressionable Holly Ripple unexpectedly finds herself in possession of her father's vast livestock empire after his death. When thieves and desperados start to torment h ...

Cover for Rakastunut luutnantti

Rakastunut luutnantti

Vasta 16 vuotta täyttänyt Paavali katselee tyttöjä kirkonpenkissä ja painaa merkille Priska Gallin erikoisen kauneuden. Tyttö on 23-vuotias ja muiden mukaan liian vanha hänelle, mu ...

Cover for Sydän jää pohjoiseen

Sydän jää pohjoiseen

Miisa on nuori lääkäri, joka on seurustellut lukiosta saakka saman miehen kanssa. Viime aikoina Miisasta on kuitenkin alkanut tuntua, ettei hänellä ja sijoitusneuvojana työskentele ...

Cover for Piispa


Kirkonmiehen salattu elämäTeologian opiskelija Doris Vouti on tunnettu tahallisen provosoivista mielipiteistään, innokkaasta bilettämisestään ja vilkkaasta seksielämästään. Hän on ...

Cover for Kartano


Vanhan kartanon kielletty hedelmäPitkässä parisuhteessa siipeensä saanut Inkeri lähtee töihin Unkariin komeaan vanhaan aateliskartanoon, jossa Mäkisen varakas perhe valmistautuu ty ...

Cover for Two Little Soldiers

Two Little Soldiers

Jean and Luc are two best friends serving in the army. Life as a soldier is unforgiving, but every Sunday provides a ray of hope for the two soldiers as they walk down the Seine ri ...

Cover for An Old Man's Love

An Old Man's Love

Published posthumously in 1884, An Old Man’s Love was Anthony Trollope’s last completed work. A classic tale of romance and rivalry, it follows the intertwining stories of young or ...

Cover for No Name

No Name

Dr Phil didn’t invent family drama. This Victorian novel might as well be given the Dr Phil caption of "I found out my parents weren’t married, and my cousin won’t give me my inher ...

Cover for Aurora Leigh

Aurora Leigh

Join Aurora on her travels from Florence to London - a coming of age journey full of trials and tribulations. Spanning 9 books, Browning’s poetic blank verse evokes classical and m ...